Outplaying a Swinger in Sbobet88




Last time I discussed how I think the pot should be split in a high-low declare game when the player who declares both ways (that is, the swing hand) loses. I said that the pot should be split between the remaining highest and lowest hand. I feel that this rewards players for cleverly being aware of situations in which a player who ought not to be declaring high-low does so anyway. I feel also that a player should not walk into the whole pot just because he happens to hold the hand that beats the high-low hand for one way only; there’s no skill in that: it’s just luck. The skill is being aware of situations that might not otherwise come up.


An example makes this clearer. I was playing in a small-limit home game of dealer’s choice in which the rule was as I have described: If you declared both ways, you must clearly win both ways, otherwise you lost all claim to any part of the pot. If the high-low hand lost or tied either high or low, that was it; that hand was then out of contention for any portion of the pot. If the high-low hand was so eliminated, the pot was then split between the remaining highest and lowest hand. On rare occasions, a situation arose permitting a player to take advantage of the rule, and win part or even all of a pot with a hand that was not the …

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GDAX Enables Euro Trading Markets for Litecoin and Ethereum and Crypto Gambling



It appears there is a new Litecoin trading pair on the GDAX platform. It is quite interesting to see this addition, considering there has been no official communication. As of last night, GDAX users can trade Litecoin against the Euro. The company also added an ETH/EUR trading market. These are quite interesting additions at this time, to say the least. Then again, European demand for cryptocurrency is growing as of late.


GDAX Quietly Adds New Trading Markets

It is always quite interesting to see exchanges add new markets. In most cases, these companies publicly communicate these changes. For some reason, very few people noticed GDAX now supports Litecoin and Ether trading against the Euro. The addition of these markets comes at an opportune time for both cryptocurrencies, though. Demand for Litecoin seems to have hit a bit of a roadblock. Ether, on the other hand, is surging in value.


Up until this point, there were rumors about Coinbase adding Litecoin trading. To many community members, that is something to look forward to. That is, assuming it ever happens in the first place. No official listing date has been announced at this time. This leaves room for a lot of speculation regarding the Litecoin price. Over the past few weeks, that price has dropped a bit and remained utterly flat otherwise.


Now that Litecoin can be traded against the Euro on GDAX, things are looking up for the silver to Bitcoin’s gold. Being added to another …

How is shared web hosting beneficial for business websites?



Business is all about revenue and profit, and in business, we cannot ignore the services which provide us the beneficial things at a low price. If you are the one, who is a business entrepreneur and runs a business website, and you are looking for the best web hosting for your business website, then you should have a look at the Shared web hosting. This is the most flexible and suitable hosting for your business. The industry always needs those services that provide benefits at the lowest price, and shared web hosting is currently one of the cheapest services.


Along with that, being a business entrepreneur, you have a hefty amount of data to be posted on your website. To pursue that action, you need an unlimited amount of space, which you can only get under the shadow of shared web hosting. Apart from that, shared web hosting is ideal hosting for you as it provides much-needed technical support to your website, which can be the most beneficial factor for your website. There are many factors like the above mentioned, which can benefit your business website, and those factors will be defined in the upcoming paragraphs.


The most attractive factors of shared web hosting are as follows:


  • The much-needed SEO opportunities


The Shared web hosting services provide you the much-needed SEO opportunities, which are so beneficial for your business website to be successful. As it is a fact that your website needs SEO …

$6m netted in gambling raids



POLICE smashed a soccer bookmaking syndicate and arrested 24 people, seizing betting slips worth $6 million on Sunday night.

Police attached to the Organised Crime and Triad Bureau joined a special duty unit from Kowloon West Headquarters to stage the series of raids dubbed Crow Beak.

Swoops on 22 premises resulted in the arrests of 22 men and two women, aged between 21 and 65, for bookmaking activities. Those arrested were later released on bail ranging from $5,000 to $50,000.


Police allege the syndicate has been active since the European football competitions, including the English Premier League, the Italian Serie A and the Spanish league, kicked-off last week.


The latest crackdown follows a similar Pengeluaran HK  operation on May 24 when police raided 87 venues and visited 804 entertainment premises, mostly pubs, across the territory, seizing betting slips worth $4.15 million and $146,000 in cash.


Meanwhile police said a 33-year-old man surnamed Lo, arrested at his Sham Shui Po flat in another operation, was believed to be the mastermind of a gambling syndicate. As well as betting slips, calculators and television sets were found at his apartment.


Under the Gambling Ordinance, the maximum penalty for those engaged in illegal bookmaking is a $5 million fine and seven years’ jail.

The SAR government insists it has kept a “neutral stance” on the legalisation of soccer gambling.


The Home Affairs Bureau began a public consultation on gambling on June 23, revealing that the annual turnover …


Global Payment Technologies, Inc. and Table Trac, Inc. Sign Definitive Joint Ligaz888 Venture and Distribution Agreements

Global Payment Technologies to Market Worldwide a New Joint Casino Gaming Product, Table Trac Lite, which includes its New ARGUS Currency Validator. The market is estimated in excess of 35,000 tables worldwide, or approximately $70 million.


Hauppauge, New York, July 11, 2001 – Global Payment Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ Symbol:GPTX) (“GPT”), a leading manufacturer and innovator of currency acceptance systems used in the worldwide gaming, beverage, and vending industries, jointly announced with Table Trac, Inc. (OTC/BB: TBTC) of Minneapolis, Minn. the signing of the definitive agreements. Under the terms of the agreements GPT and Table Trac will each have the right to distribute and sell the new product, Table Trac Lite. In addition, GPT will receive an exclusive right to sell Table Trac’s casino management system product outside of the United States and Canada, subject to minimum sales requirements.


“Until now,” said Stephen Katz, Chairman & CEO of GPT, “casinos around the world have lacked the technology that our combined product, Table Trac Lite, provides. For the first time, a casino can have an automated secure way to monitor the currency received and other important performance variables at its gaming tables in real-time. Table Trac Lite is an economical way to provide currency validation and security that casino operators have been looking for.”


“The pairing of both firms brings new technologies to the Ligaz888 gaming industry, in which both companies have been operating, and will allow both of us to leverage GPT’s already established worldwide sales and support …

Judi Online Terpercaya

Nevada Legalizes Internet Judi Online Terpercaya Gambling




Many Nevada casinos have decided that Internet gaming is not just going to go away. As with Indian gaming, they have abandoned years of wishful thinking, arguing for prohibition, and have finally adopted the position that the industry should be regulated. So, in June 2001 they persuaded the Nevada Legislature and Gov. Kenny Guinn to enact a law legalizing online casinos.


The new law, Assembly Bill 466, is a typical piece of Nevada legislation.


In Clark County (Las Vegas), the only establishment that can operate Internet gambling games is “a resort hotel that holds a nonrestricted license,” – in other words, hotel-casinos.


In counties with populations “more than 40,000 but less than 400,000,” meaning Washoe (Reno), Douglas (Tahoe), Elko and Carson City, licenses are limited to “resort hotels” plus establishments that have (1) casino licenses, (2) 120 hotel rooms, (3) “at least one bar with permanent seating capacity for more than 30 patrons,” (4) at least one restaurant open 24/7 “with permanent seating capacity for more than 60 patrons,” and (5) “at least 18,000 square feet” of Judi Online Terpercaya gaming area with “at least 1,600 slot machines, 40 table games, and a sports book and race pool.” In other words, hotel-casinos.


You can guess which are the only establishments able to get licenses for Internet gaming in Nevada’s smallest counties. And in order to prevent someone from opening a small hotel-casino as a ruse, the new law requires the casino to …

poker pkv games online

TV Dreams and pkv games

Television, television, television. By the time this edition of Card Player Europe hits the stands, The Poker Channel will have made its European launch, promising 24 hours of poker programming on UK Sky Digital 265. In addition to Ab Cruncher and Flat Thighs infomercial daytime fare, there will also be a slate of totally new poker programs. These will be “outside the box” poker shows, and I’m self-promotion proud to have been involved in some of the shows having their world premieres on the channel during March and April. If anything, these “farthing and a shoestring” programs will hope to prove that you don’t need a big budget to make good poker television, just new ideas and some support from the poker community.


Up Close offers an opportunity to get to know the top names in poker on a more in-depth basis, with a 30-minute format that takes one poker player per week for an intense interview. The first season slates top European names like John Duthie and Joe Beevers, in addition to the World Series of Poker defending champion and American Greg Raymer. My favorite tidbit that came out of this first series is that each interview subject made mention, completely unbidden, of one person who all agree is head and shoulders above the rest of the world when it comes to tournament poker. Who do the best think the best is? One Daniel Negreanu.


Popular player, journalist, and poker personality Vicky Coren headlines a show called …

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Weekly Judi Online Domino99 News

Mourinho branded an embarrassment for Chelsea


Even Chelsea’s own fans have begun to turn on manager Jose Mourinho after the Portuguese’s latest outburst at a rival manager in the English Premier League.


Mourinho – well known for raising the ire of other managers from his first spell at Chelsea – has continued in the same vein this season, with confrontations with Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers and Manchester City counterpart Manuel Pellegrini.


However, his latest victim, Arsenal’s Arsene Wenger, has this weekend accused Mourinho of embarrassing Chelsea after he branded the long-time Gunners manager “a specialist in failure”.


Wenger, whose last trophy at Arsenal came in 2005, said that Mourinho’s words were “disrespectful” after watching his side advance to the last eight of the FA Cup with a battling 2-1 win over Liverpool.


“I do not want to go into that silly, disrespectful remark,” Wenger said afterwards. “I never spoke about him in my press conference and I will not start.


“The only thing I know is it’s more embarrassing for Chelsea than for me. I’m embarrassed for him, honestly. I’m not interested in the subject at all.”


All change at Hamburg, again


Struggling Hamburg have put their proud Bundesliga record in the hands of experienced coach Mirko Slomka in the wake of Bert van Marwijk’s dismissal.


Slomka, Hamburg’s third Judi Online Domino99 coach of the season following Thorsten Fink and ex-Netherlands boss van Marwijk, has been tasked with ensuring the club …

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When the ball was over the Judi Online Wall



Europe has been commemorating 25 years since the Berlin Wall fell.


East German football associationThat momentous event also marked the end of the German Democratic Republic’s national team, who had competed in FIFA & UEFA competitions, qualifying only once for a major tournament, the 1974 World Cup, where they memorably beat hosts West Germany in the group stage.


The former country has been on people’s minds across Europe this week with a lot of ‘Ostalgie’ in the air.


Thoughts have also turned to the extinct football nation, a key component of the country’s famously intensive sports culture.


The national programme connected schools with centres of excellence, yielded dozens of Olympic medals and saw the communist country outperform its western brother time after time, although this was due in part to the widespread doping of their athletes.


East Germany finished top of the medals table at the 1984 Winter Olympics and at the summer games came in second three times, an extraordinary achievement for a nation of 16 million people.


Its Judi Online footballers won gold in men’s football at the Montreal Olympics in 1976, beating Poland 2:0 in the final. Four years later they won silver, losing 1:0 to Czechoslovakia.


In 1964 and 1972 they won bronze, defeating hosts West Germany 3:2 along the way in front of 80,000 in Munich, presaging an even greater scalp of their other half at the World Cup two years later.


Unlike their Olympic …

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All Set For Korea Derby In Qiu Qiu Online Shanghai


South Korea’s Park Ji-sung and the north’s Hong Yong-cho


Any meeting between the two Koreas on the football pitch is special but the fact that it is a qualifier for the 2010 World Cup adds a good deal of hot pepper sauce to an already unique dish of that old Korean favourite bibimbap.


Temperatures were certainly rising recently as North Korea refused to play the Aegukka or fly the Taegukki at the massive Kim Sung-Il Stadium in Pyongyang. An offer of a rendition of Arirang and a joint flag didn’t fly at the Seoul offices of the Qiu Qiu Online Korean Football Association. The administrators opened FIFA’s rulebook and pointed to the relevant clause that requests all nations hosting World Cup qualifiers to provide both flags and anthems. The game’s global governing body decided to move the game to Shanghai.


FIFA didn’t punish Pyongyang for its refusal to play by the rules but playing in China certainly takes away advantages from the ‘hosts’. Instead of 100,000 partisan fans on the other side of the DMZ, the 35,000 capacity Hongkou Stadium in Shanghai is likely to be less than full. Additionally, South Korea’s Premier, K and J-League stars were not looking forward to playing on the artificial pitch in North Korea. The long grass of Shanghai is more welcome.


Less pleasing for the southern defenders will be another battle with Jong Tae-se, North Korea’s new weapon. Jong scored a fine goal when the two teams meet …

agen slot

Should Have Gone To Agen Slot Becks, Save Us.



The domestic football season is now the equivalent of Princess Di; it was a great ride for a while, but it’s time to let go. Luckily, we now have the ‘Camilla’, the ugly nine-pinter that is the European Championship qualifiers.


England’s participation is hanging by a thread and fingers are pointing at the manager. Danny Mills, Massimo Maccarone, Fleet Street journalists and fans of attractive football have all been quick to put the boot in; but for once, the grinning buffoon deserves a little credit.


It takes a big man to admit when he’s made a mistake, I know I’ve made two of the little buggers. McClaren has finally realised that the decision to dump Beckham like a Scottish girlfriend was extremely short-sighted. Goldenballs remains an archetypal, if extremely camp, match-winner in the big game scenario.


I can’t accept the argument that selecting Beckham is a step backwards as he’s taking the place of a youngster with a long- term https://www.southendformaggio.com/  future. The less experienced players won’t learn much from watching the finals on television.


McClaren’s groundbreaking policy of selecting his best players is possibly the first correct decision of a woeful tenure. One swallow does not make a summer though, but it does practically guarantee an enjoyable evening. England will leave Estonia with the win on Wednesday night at a pleasant 2/9.


Ryan Giggs has shocked Welsh football by deciding to hang up his boots. His team-mates will undoubtedly miss his presence …

Togel Singapore

Togel Singapore World Cup doubts grow




FIFA President Sepp Blatter has increased the doubts surrounding South Africa’s ability to host the World Cup in three years’ time by admitting the world governing body has back-up countries in place, should the hosts fail to be ready in time.


England, Spain, Japan and the USA are the reserve hosts, according to Blatter in an interview with the BBC, but only “a natural catastrophe” will derail the African World Cup. England and the USA have already announced their intention to bid for the 2018 finals.


Blatter openly backed the South African bid for both 2006 and 2010, and recently referred to it as “a moral obligation”, mindful of the continent’s votes which got him elected, but only last year he expressed concern that the construction of the ten new or renovated stadia was behind schedule.


CEO of the organising committee Danny Jordaan and South African President Thabo Mbeki both insisted in late 2006 that all was well and that their nation was ahead of Germany at a comparable stage before the finals, but despite the constant assurances, controversy continues to dog the South African hosting.


While the stadium construction issue remains, many observers are repeating concerns about the transport and hotel infrastructure and the perennial Achilles’ heel of South Africa, crime.


For now, FIFA & South Africa are steaming ahead, and with Blatter having staked his presidency on an African bid since long ago, it would be a major surprise if …