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GDAX Enables Euro Trading Markets for Litecoin and Ethereum and Crypto Gambling

It appears there is a new Litecoin trading pair on the GDAX platform. It is quite interesting to see this addition, considering there has been no official communication. As of last night, GDAX users can trade Litecoin against the Euro. The company also added an ETH/EUR trading market. These are quite interesting additions at this time, to say the least. Then again, European demand for cryptocurrency is growing as of late.


GDAX Quietly Adds New Trading Markets

It is always quite interesting to see exchanges add new markets. In most cases, these companies publicly communicate these changes. For some reason, very few people noticed GDAX now supports Litecoin and Ether trading against the Euro. The addition of these markets comes at an opportune time for both cryptocurrencies, though. Demand for Litecoin seems to have hit a bit of a roadblock. Ether, on the other hand, is surging in value.


Up until this point, there were rumors about Coinbase adding Litecoin trading. To many community members, that is something to look forward to. That is, assuming it ever happens in the first place. No official listing date has been announced at this time. This leaves room for a lot of speculation regarding the Litecoin price. Over the past few weeks, that price has dropped a bit and remained utterly flat otherwise.


Now that Litecoin can be traded against the Euro on GDAX, things are looking up for the silver to Bitcoin’s gold. Being added to another major trading …

Outplaying a Swinger in Sbobet88




Last time I discussed how I think the pot should be split in a high-low declare game when the player who declares both ways (that is, the swing hand) loses. I said that the pot should be split between the remaining highest and lowest hand. I feel that this rewards players for cleverly being aware of situations in which a player who ought not to be declaring high-low does so anyway. I feel also that a player should not walk into the whole pot just because he happens to hold the hand that beats the high-low hand for one way only; there’s no skill in that: it’s just luck. The skill is being aware of situations that might not otherwise come up.


An example makes this clearer. I was playing in a small-limit home game of dealer’s choice in which the rule was as I have described: If you declared both ways, you must clearly win both ways, otherwise you lost all claim to any part of the pot. If the high-low hand lost or tied either high or low, that was it; that hand was then out of contention for any portion of the pot. If the high-low hand was so eliminated, the pot was then split between the remaining highest and lowest hand. On rare occasions, a situation arose permitting a player to take advantage of the rule, and win part or even all of a pot with a hand that was not the …

How is shared web hosting beneficial for business websites?



Business is all about revenue and profit, and in business, we cannot ignore the services which provide us the beneficial things at a low price. If you are the one, who is a business entrepreneur and runs a business website, and you are looking for the best web hosting for your business website, then you should have a look at the Shared web hosting. This is the most flexible and suitable hosting for your business. The industry always needs those services that provide benefits at the lowest price, and shared web hosting is currently one of the cheapest services.


Along with that, being a business entrepreneur, you have a hefty amount of data to be posted on your website. To pursue that action, you need an unlimited amount of space, which you can only get under the shadow of shared web hosting. Apart from that, shared web hosting is ideal hosting for you as it provides much-needed technical support to your website, which can be the most beneficial factor for your website. There are many factors like the above mentioned, which can benefit your business website, and those factors will be defined in the upcoming paragraphs.


The most attractive factors of shared web hosting are as follows:


  • The much-needed SEO opportunities


The Shared web hosting services provide you the much-needed SEO opportunities, which are so beneficial for your business website to be successful. As it is a fact that your website needs SEO …

Hair Removal – Laser and Light-Based Approaches

Unwanted hair is a major self-esteem issue for many patients and the desire to deal with this embarrassing problem has fuelled proliferation of safe and effective treatment modalities. Traditionally, waxing, shaving, electrolysis, tweezing and threading have been commonly used to combat unwanted facial and body hair. More recently, lasers and light-based technologies have been introduced in hope of achieving permanent hair reduction. These latest modalities have proven effective and offer a truly lasting solution to those concerned with excessive hair. This article will review the laser and light-based technologies and their usefulness in treating unwanted hair.
What is unwanted hair? How much hair is too much hair? The answers depend on the cultural and societal aspects of the times in which we live. Recently, western culture considers women’s facial hair, excessive arm and leg hair as well as the chest and breast hair to be undesirable. In addition, underarm hair and excessive bikini hair are considered unwanted hair in most western countries. As these examples indicate, the issue of unwanted hair likely affects most if not all the women. Men are not immune to this problem as the latest male models proudly show their hairless chests and backs resulting in shifting public expectations. Also you can read about “where can fillers be used on face” here

Laser and light-based (Intense Pulsed Light [IPL]) technologies are founded on the principle that the energy can be absorbed by the color in hair follicles. …

toto hk -WCOOP-2008-Event-32-Results

One of the bigger buy-in tournaments, the $10,000+300 HORSE Championship took place this past Saturday. As is the case for most HOSRE events, many of the world’s top poker professional were on hand to display their mastery of five different poker games.
For those unaware, HORSE is an acronym for five fixed-limit poker games
Standard Texas Hold’em, where players are dealt two down cards and 5 community cards
O=Omaha Hi/Lo
A split pot Omaha game awarding half of the pot to the best high-hand and the other half to the best low-hand. A “lo” is any 5 differnt cards, 8 or lower, with the Ace counting for both the high and low.
A Stud game where the key is to make the worst 5-card hand possible, the nuts being A-2-3-4-5. Straights and flushes do not count against a player, and the Ace is the lowest card in the deck. A round of betting occurs after 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th street.
Standard 7 Card Stud, players are dealt 2 down cards, then 4 “up” cards, and then one final down card. Betting structure is the same as Razz.
E=7-Card-Stud Hi/Lo
A split pot Stud game awarding half of the pot to the best high-hand and the other half to the best low-hand. A “lo” is any 5 differnt cards, 8 or lower, with the Ace counting for both the high and low. Betting structure is the same as Razz and 7-Card-Stud.
Each table plays 8-handed and …

keluar sgp Poker to Reenter American Market by August 31

Most of the Merge Network of keluar sgp poker sites have been open to US players for some time, but with the exception of Carbon Poker – one of the largest poker sites at Merge. Earlier this year, Carbon announced a temporary leave from the American market to address customer service and cash out problems. To the delight of many players in the US, Carbon has just announced their return. Carbon will be again open to the American market at the end of August.
After Black Friday, thousands of poker players from Full Tilt Poker, the Cereus Network, and PokerStars flocked to other poker sites, including many of Merge’s properties. Though any businessman will tell you an influx of customers is beneficial, there can be a breaking point. Carbon experienced this, and found their systems overloaded and unable to handle the number of new players. As a result, they temporarily withdrew to strengthen their business to better service players in a move showing commitment to their current base, and to proper customer service of their newer customers.

The concerns initially felt by Carbon have been addressed, with the advent of their return. The return of Carbon is a welcome announcement, especially as Bodog Poker will be exiting the American scene at the end of 2011 to refocus on their global operations. Players may take notice of Carbon Poker’s offerings, which Carbon claims can generate as much as a 47% rakeback. Though far from the size of a site like PokerStars, …

Avoid 6:5 togel hongkong hari ini Tables

The game of blackjack traditionally pays 3:2 for a two-card blackjack (an ace and a 10 card). Any other payout adds to the house edge. In fact, some purists say the game shouldn’t even be called blackjack if it doesn’t pay 3:2. I agree.

The most common other payout that you will see at a “togel hongkong hari ini” table is 6:5, though they can get as bad as even money. A 6:5 blackjack table should be avoided because that severely increases the house edge. Sometimes the 6:5 games are played with fewer decks than the 3:2 games, which could help a card counter, but even then it’s a good idea to steer clear of 6:5 games. And if you don’t count cards there is definitely no reason to join one of those tables. Sometimes the casinos don’t even reduce the number of decks for their 6:5 games, in which case they’re just hoping suckers will join the table and throw their money away. The good news is that online almost all blackjack tables pay 3:2 for a blackjack.

But does it really make that much of a difference? Yes, it does in the long run. When it comes to blackjack, you should always think about the long run. Blackjack basic strategy, payout charts and everything else is based on the idea that you will play a lot of hands. If you’re only going to play a few hands and then walk away, that changes everything. Because the …

Diamond Painting


Choose the right place to start:
Choose a flat surface to unfurl your canvas on.
To flatten out the canvas,(a) Use heavy books, paper weights or (b) spread it under a thick mattress overnight. The canvas will be flat and ready to use after 8-12 hours.
Caution: Do not use an iron to flatten your canvas. The heat will make the adhesive stick to the iron and you will end up melting the canvas.
Always opt for something comfortable to sit on while starting your diamond painting. The most convenient way is to use your study table. Lay down the canvas in a downright, straight position and position yourself on a comfortable chair so that your art session is not interrupted by unwanted discomfort in any way.
Flat Surface for Diamond Painting

Choose the right painting to start with:
While choosing for a painting, we always tend to go for the one that is the most complex and stunning, which is a very natural and normal reaction because we all want the best! But as a beginner, it is smart to opt for a nice canvas that is also easy to use.
Be pragmatic while choosing your canvas as a beginner. Do not choose a canvas that is extra-large or has confusing, complex or identical patterns.
Some people prefer square diamonds because they fill complete canvas and give a better look, but they need some extra care while applying as compared to round diamonds. Round diamonds are a little …

Translation Companies UK

Arabic Translation at Translation Companies UK

Arabic translation service at Translation Agency UK:
Translation Agency UK offers a complete Arabic translation service, turning a wide range of documents from English into Arabic and from Arabic into English. All this work is undertaken by native speakers of the target language. This ensures that the results always meet the highest linguistic standards.

Your translation matters to us and we never compromise on quality.

Our Arabic translation service has been designed to satisfy all the needs of any potential client. Our experts have all been selected for their command of their original language as well as for their know-how in specialist areas.
The team provides swift and accurate translation from Arabic to English and English to Arabic in the following subject areas:

Biochemistry Automotive Information technology
Insurance General subject matter Law Engineering
Advertising Marketing Administration
Telecommunication & Media Environmental
Finance & Banking

Clients can be assured that our Arabic translation service produces excellent results that are always on time and on target.

Speed and volume
Our arabic translation service achieves an average turnaround of 6,000 words per day and per translator.

Our arabic translation service is carried out by highly recommended professionals whose credentials have been thoroughly checked.

Our arabic translation service produces results that match your original document not only in terms of language, but also in presentation and layout.

Style and expression
Our arabic translation service provides output that is always Translation Companies UK in tune with the tone of your material. Persuasive writing remains …

Unique Casino

Short-handed Play

We’ve all seen it a hundred times. That annoying player who, whenever the game gets short-handed, turns into what appears to be a maniac. He’s betting, he’s raising, he’s re-raising – and completely dominating the game. To the beginner, or to those inexperienced in short-handed play, he appears to have no idea of how to play. You wonder, “What’s he doing raising with K7 offsuit – he must have no idea!” But yet he wins – and wins well. What’s his secret then?


The secret lies in one word: aggression. The short-handed player must – absolutely must – be able to play a solid aggressive game. Whilst you can do well playing passively in a full ring game, where others do the betting for you, when the game gets short-handed (five or less runners), you must be able to change your playing style and be able to bet aggressively hands you wouldn’t even have considered playing in a full game. Unfortunately, if you don’t, the aggressive players will run roughshod over you, controlling the betting to their advantage, and you will find your stack diminishing rapidly.


This is often bad news to poker players, as it takes them out of their comfort zone. However, it is also exciting, fun, full of action and – if one develops and hones the unique skills of short-handed play – can be extremely rewarding. Short-handed games have more variance, which means they have more risk – but with increased risks, come increased …

Togel singapore

Jackpot Utama Menang di Slotland dan WinADay, Jutaan Menunggu untuk Dimenangkan di Kasino Grande Vegas

Kami memiliki beberapa kemenangan jackpot besar untuk dilaporkan dan kami memiliki pembaruan tentang beberapa jackpot besar yang menunggu untuk dimenangkan.

Kemenangan Jackpot Ulang Tahun Pemecah Rekor

Jackpot mesin slot online di mencapai rekor $225.727 pada puncak perayaan ulang tahun ketiga kasino online yang unik minggu lalu. Pemenang jackpot, seorang akuntan yang berpikiran praktis, mengatakan daripada meledakkan kemenangan pada hari libur dan kemewahan, dia akan melakukan hal yang bertanggung jawab secara fiskal dan menggunakan jackpot seperempat juta dolar untuk melunasi hipoteknya. Dan untuk memainkan beberapa permainan kasino online!

Jackpot WinADay biasanya dimenangkan sekitar $ 150.000 tetapi telah jauh lebih tinggi beberapa kali dalam tiga tahun pertama kasino. Pada bulan Maret 2010 itu naik ke rekor $224.420 sebelum dimenangkan oleh seorang pensiunan duda. Karena semua slot di WinADay berkontribusi pada satu jackpot progresif besar, dan karena Togel singapore kasino sangat sibuk karena beberapa promosi ulang tahun yang murah hati baru-baru ini, kasino dengan cepat naik ke rekor tertinggi.

Jackpot saat ini lebih dari $100.000.

Slot Jackpot Membayar untuk Pendidikan Anak Perempuan

Situs saudara perempuan WinADay,, juga baru saja memenangkan jackpot progresif besar! Seorang ayah setengah baya yang memenangkan jackpot $128.734 di baru-baru ini mengatakan bahwa dia akan menggunakan kemenangannya untuk membayar pendidikan perguruan tinggi putrinya. Pemain, yang telah bermain mesin slot online di Slotland selama sekitar tahun, memenangkan pembayaran besar-besaran dengan memainkan mesin slot online Witch’s Brew yang baru.

“Putri saya baru saja mulai kuliah dan istri saya dan saya khawatir tentang bagaimana kami dapat membayar semuanya,” kata …