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TV Dreams and pkv games

Television, television, television. By the time this edition of Card Player Europe hits the stands, The Poker Channel will have made its European launch, promising 24 hours of poker programming on UK Sky Digital 265. In addition to Ab Cruncher and Flat Thighs infomercial daytime fare, there will also be a slate of totally new poker programs. These will be “outside the box” poker shows, and I’m self-promotion proud to have been involved in some of the shows having their world premieres on the channel during March and April. If anything, these “farthing and a shoestring” programs will hope to prove that you don’t need a big budget to make good poker television, just new ideas and some support from the poker community.


Up Close offers an opportunity to get to know the top names in poker on a more in-depth basis, with a 30-minute format that takes one poker player per week for an intense interview. The first season slates top European names like John Duthie and Joe Beevers, in addition to the World Series of Poker defending champion and American Greg Raymer. My favorite tidbit that came out of this first series is that each interview subject made mention, completely unbidden, of one person who all agree is head and shoulders above the rest of the world when it comes to tournament poker. Who do the best think the best is? One Daniel Negreanu.


Popular player, journalist, and poker personality Vicky Coren headlines a show called …